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Tristan McMichael, Lana Murray, and Marty Walters have visited every Plumas County community and met with local school sites to best determine how to support performing arts education in Plumas County. Ideas ranged from bringing in outside performing artists to puppet shows to funding professional development in primary grades or the purchase of musical instruments. They also presented their ideas to the Plumas Unified School Board.

In addition to partnering with and supporting existing performing arts opportunities for Plumas County, PPA has plans to create new events and programs. In 2019, PPA helped coordinate and sponsor the Summer Band, conducted by Eliza Hardee, which practiced all summer and performed in the Plumas-Sierra County Fair Parade and during the Fair.


In 2020, PPA helped coordinate a Reno Pops performance at the Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds, created and hosted 5 virtual performing arts competitions for local junior high and high school students, created a mini grant program to help local performing artists with arts related expenses during the COVID-19 pandemic and purchased ukuleles for student use via distance learning for the local public school district.


In 2021, PPA plans to continue funding mini grants, helping support performing arts in local schools, and to establish scholarships for local graduating high school seniors who wish to pursue a post-secondary performing arts education. It is our hope that we can eventually return to sponsoring more in-person performing arts opportunities when it safe to do so.

Strengthening performing arts throughout Plumas County

Background is a gray building that says Quincy School. Five people are standing on the lawn in front.
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Plumas Performing Arts supports excellence in performing arts awareness and education in and among young people, amateur performing arts in the community, and professional performing arts educators. We devote ourselves to providing positive and creative outlets for our communities that help enhance our performers’ abilities. Our goal is to create a life cycle of arts education and performance that embraces all levels and interests in Plumas County.

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PUSD teacher Mrs. Brown receives ukuleles from QHS senior Tristan McMichael. Photo shows them holding instruments and wearing masks.