The Board

Aimee Heaney— President


Aimee grew up with musically talented parents and admits that may have skipped a generation - nevertheless, she continues to sing every day and to support and enjoy the local performing arts! Aimee is a proud parent to two former Dramaworks Magic Beanstalk Players. She joined the Plumas Performing Arts board to support a wide range of local talent and to promote music and theater programs for school-aged kids.

Cathie Lundegard—Treasurer


Cathie has spent the last 70 years participating in dance, theater, and music in Plumas County.  She started dancing at age 5 and was a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz. Cathy spent 25 years doing accounting for the Plumas County Office of Education and has served as chief business officer during that time. Her husband, Roger, is a famous Plumas County trumpeter who also plays the accordian and dabbles in one-handed piano.

Amber McMichael—


Amber is not a performing artist of any kind, although she is the mother of two musicians. She served as publicity chair for the Quincy PCO for over 8 years (as well as a stint as President) and is an amateur photographer. When not busy with other things, she is also a book blogger, avid reader, and loves to paint.

Emma Beatley — Student      


Emma Beatley. Emma is a Senior at Quincy High School and joined our board in March of her Sophomore year. She plays piano and has been active in our community theater. She joined PPA because "I want to help create a strong performing arts community where young artists and musicians have a place to connect with others and learn and grow in skills."

Tristan McMichael — P.R.       


Tristan graduated from Quincy Junior/Senior High School in 2021 and is now attending the University of the Pacific where he is working towards his Bachelors of Music in Music Education. He plays saxophone, flute, clarinet, and other various instruments. Tristan has also conducted the High Sierra Community Orchestra for several performances. McMichael actively worked to rebuild the music program in Quincy's schools throught his high school career and was nationally recognized for this work by NFHS and CIF with their National Heart of the Arts Award in 2019. Tristan has also played in the stage bands for various theater productions at the West End Theater. McMichael co-founded Plumas Performing Arts in 2019 and served as a student board member until 2021. He is also an active member of the musical fraternity Mu Phi Epsilon where he contributes to his chapter's goal of promoting service through music.

Cheree Childers — Portola       


Cheree has been involved in the performing arts since the age of 3. Growing up in Plumas County, she participated in music, band, show choir, musicals, and dance. Her dedication to the arts continued after high school and she taught dance classes for 12+ years at local studios, schools, and non-profits. She is an enthusiastic educator who is very passionate about arts and science education. She has dedicated many years to working with educational organizations, non-profits, schools, private companies, and programs that provide youth and adults of all ages opportunities to grow and succeed. She looks forward to working with Plumas Perofmring Arts as the Portola Area General Director to support and exand peroforming arts in our local communitites.